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YouTube is one of the biggest platforms in social media, which is used by billions of individuals daily. It is a video sharing and posting platform that comes with a huge offering for customers. You can watch videos of different genres for free from different content creators. 

Many people use this platform to listen to songs, podcasts, and stories. While listening to songs for free is good, there are some things that make it annoying. Unlike mp3 players, you have to keep the screen on to keep listening. 

Once the screen is locked, or you exit the application, the audio will stop. Unless you have YouTube Premium, it is one of the issues that can interrupt your audio experience. So, one of the common questions that many people ask is how to download videos from YouTube to mp3. 

How To Download YouTube Videos To Mp3? 

There is no option available on this platform to download the videos in different formats or the mp3. But, don’t worry; there are many other apps and extensions available that can help you out. You can download YouTube videos to mp3 using them. While some of them are free to use, others are paid applications. 

There are no options available to upload mp3 to YouTube, but you can download them. First, however, you need to know how to download and which is the best-suited way for you. Here are some things that will help you find out the best way to download or convert videos from YouTube to mp3. 

Methods To Download YouTube Videos To MP3

Methods To Download YouTube Videos To MP3

There are many different converters and apps available that you can try to get your YouTube playlist to mp3. However, it is unnecessary that all of them will work for you and provide you with the best result. 

There are some requirements from both sides before choosing one. So, you need to know details about them to figure out which one is the best for you to get videos from YouTube to mp3. 

How To Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3?   

If you are using an android device, then the steps for converting yor Youtube videos to MP3 files are given below.

Step 1: Open Youtube, Select The Required Video And Click On Share.

1.1. “To initiate the process of youtube video to mp3, open the application and search for that is required to be converted. You can see the share option available on the video selected. Click on that.”

1.2. “You can find Copy Link option. Click on that and the link of the selected video is copied to the clipboard.”

Step 2: Open Your Browser And Paste The Link To Youtube Converter To Mp3 Websites.

2.1. “There are many trusted websites available on the internet that can convert videos to mp3 format. You can select any of them. Some of the most trusted MP3 converters available are:”

  • ByClick Downloader

  • YTMP3

“Many of these have no duration limit to the videos allow the users to download youtube videos to mp3. Different features are available across all these websites. You can check for the required features and select the website.”

2.2.  “After selecting a website, place the link that is copied in the space given below and click on convert.”

Step 3: Click On The Download Button To Save The Mp3 File To Your Device.

Step 4: Go To Downloads And Change The Location Of The File.

“The download audio is saved in the browser downloads. You can change the location and save it in the preferred file.”

YouTube To Mp3 Converters 

When talking about getting mp3 from YouTube, the first thing that comes to mind is a converter. However, you do not have to face a hard time choosing a YouTube to mp3 converter as there are plenty available. Choose one based on the features and other features to get the best results. 

Most of them are very easy to use and come with unlimited download options. There are two different versions of converters available in the market such as offline converters and online converters. Most people prefer to convert Youtube to mp3 using online converter applications. 

You have to download the videos first to convert them into an mp3 version when using the offline converters. Here are some examples of the best converters that you can use for converting YouTube to mp3.

1. 320YouTube


This is a very popular YouTube converter to mp3 that you can choose to get the best result. It is very easy to use and comes with high-quality options for the mp3. There are two different ways to use this converter to download mp3 from YouTube. You can directly download it from YouTube by just using a simple step. 

You have to type 320 in the URL of the video you want to download before “youtube” For example, it will look like this “” It will help you get automatically redirected to the 320YouTube converter page with the option to download that particular video. 

Now, you can click on download mp3 to get the quality options and download videos from Youtube to mp3. Another way to use this best YouTube to mp3 converter is also very easy. You have to copy the URL of the video from YouTube and paste it on the website of 320YouTube. 

2. Converto


Another top-rated converter that you can use to get YouTube to mp3 320 is Converto. This is a web-based tool that you can rely on to provide faster and best options. If you want to use a converter for a long time usage, then Converto is the best choice. Converting videos from YouTube to mp3 with different audio quality options is much easier in this app. 

Similar to the previous one, you will need to copy the video URL from YouTube and paste it into the box. It will automatically find the video and provide the audio download option. It might take some time to convert YouTube video to mp3, but it provides the best and high-quality results. 

While converting the videos from YouTube to mp3, you need to know that it might as well be illegal. However, it greatly depends on the video you are converting. Downloading videos that are non-copyrighted and from the public domain is not illegal. 

Other than that, there is no way to download and convert copyrighted videos legally. To make it legal, you have to take the permission of the owner. This is something that you need to know before using paid or free YouTube to mp3 converter. 

Beware Of Fraud 

Also, another thing that you need to know before finding out how to convert YouTube to mp3 is the fraudulent chances. While searching for converters to convert videos from YouTube to mp3, you need to be very careful. There are plenty of websites available that are not safe. 

They claim to provide the convert service but ask to download files that might contain malicious files. You need to make sure that your system is safe and secure from these threats. Try to check the website and files very well before downloading them, even from the best Youtube to mp3 converter online. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. How to convert YouTube to MP3? 

In most converters, you have to paste the URL of the video from YouTube, and you will get the convert option. Select the quality of the mp3, convert and wait for some time to get the results. 

Q2. How to download mp3 from YouTube? 

You can download mp3 from YouTube with the help of converters with some easy steps.  

Q3. What is the best YouTube to mp3 converter?  

There are plenty of YouTube to mp3 converters available that you can choose to download the files easily. Some of the most popular ones include Converto, 320YouTube,, YTMp3, and others. 


If you are a music lover or someone who listens to stories for hours, then Youtube is the best source. However, there is no option available that lets you listen to only the audio without keeping the application open. Only the premium members can enjoy this feature. 

So, you have to use converters to convert videos from YouTube to mp3. Here are some of the best converters given with the steps that can help you to get mp3 versions. Go through them to learn more and find out the best one for you.

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