Is The Best Free Anime Streaming Website?

Is The Best Free Anime Streaming Website

Watching online anime for free has become one of the best activities after a hard day at school or work. No matter how old we are, watching all the epic action and the “feels” that the characters provide will never get old for us. This is why you should learn more about sites like

This website, in my opinion, is one of the best to watch anime online for free. But why should you go to it in the first place? Read this article to find out more!

Why Is The Best Anime Streaming Website In 2023?  

There are several reasons why I consider anime website in 2023. Here are my reasons:

1. Constantly Updated Anime Library  

One of the main reasons why you should start using Zoro. to for streaming the latest anime episodes is because of its constantly updated library.

The content on this website, which you can watch for free, is updated every hour or so. Therefore, when an anime episode first gets aired in Japan, you can watch it here within a few hours!

In addition, apart from weekly anime episodes, you will also get all the older anime episodes as well. Therefore, if you wish to watch classics like DragonBall Z or Legends of the Galactic Heroes, you can do so pretty conveniently from!

Plus, apart from anime series, both old and new anime movies are also uploaded here. Therefore, you can enjoy watching older classics like Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, Satoshi Kon’s Paprika, and even Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume just by searching for them here!

2. Watch Anime At The Highest Quality And Resolution  

Watch Anime At The Highest Quality And Resolution

Many people think free anime streaming sites like will only let you watch low-quality anime. Well, after using this site, I can say this is not the case here. Here at Zoro. to, you can watch anime at various qualities and resolutions, starting from 240p and ending at 1080p.

Therefore, depending on your internet speed, you can watch anime at whichever quality you want. Have a slower internet? Why not watch anime at 240p? If you have a better internet, you can enjoy watching them at 1080p.

3. Intuitive User Interface  

Intuitive User Interface

Many people say that the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) of the website make or break it. If you enter a website that has eternally buffering pages with poor navigational structure and layout, I am pretty sure you will not want to enter the same site again.

Therefore, you can rest easy watching anime at This free anime-streaming website has a great UI that makes navigating the web pages and searching for anime easier.

You can get all the latest and most trending anime titles on the Homepage of this website. In addition, you can search for the anime you wish to watch from the search bar instead.

Plus, you can download the episodes directly from the website. However, you might need a YouTube to mp4 converter, if you wish to.

4. Less Number Of Ads Compared To Other Websites  

Less Number Of Ads Compared To Other Websites

All free anime streaming websites show ads to earn revenue to keep the servers running. Some websites will show advertisements with every click, while others will only show one when starting a new episode.

Compared to the main competitor websites (which I have used a lot), Zoro had the least number of ads. Considering it’s a free website, I was only shown one ad when I first entered the homepage. After that, I was only shown skippable ads every two to three episodes.

5. Device Compatibility  

Device Compatibility

Since there is no app to download on any platform, you must stream anime directly from the website. Therefore, you can literally watch it from any device with a browser and internet connectivity.

If you are at home, you can watch it from your computer or laptop or even your smart TV as well. In case you are outside commuting from one place to another, you can watch anime from your smartphone as well!

Is Safe?  

Yes, is a safe website to watch anime from. While its legality in the USA is pretty obscured, you can still see anime for free from this site.

In addition, this site shows ads infrequently, which are also scanned by their server security protocols. Therefore, the site ensures that you have no chance of being infected with malware.

Best Alternatives  

There are various alternatives to that you can access to watch anime for free online. You should do so if servers are down, and you cannot follow the adventures of Luffy in One Piece.

Being an ardent otaku, here are other great sites to watch anime for free:

1. 9anime  


If you wish to watch anime from a website with lots of different servers to choose from, 9anime will be your best bet. Here, you can watch anime from different servers based on your region, ranging from mp4upload, streamtape, vidstream, and lots more!

2. Animixplay  


Animix Play is another new free anime streaming website similar to and 9anime. With similar features compared to the other two websites, these three have been termed the New Age Trio of free anime streaming sites.

3. KissAnime  


If you wish to go back to the roots of how free anime streaming websites first emerged, KissAnime is one of the first. Along with other sibling sites like KissAsian and KissHentai, KissAnime was once the ruling king of all anime streaming websites.

However, due to an increased number of ads being shown, and unstable server issues, the site has fallen from grace. But this website still remains as a solid backup instead fails.

4. GoGoAnime  


Another one of those OG free anime websites, GoGoAnime, was the initial successor of KissAnime. This site is still pretty good now, with various available servers. However, there might be times when you will get bombarded with ads, which might ruin your overall experience.

5. Crunchyroll  


If you ask me which is the ultimate best anime streaming platform, my vote will always go to Crunchyroll. It’s the safest option, with access to manga as well, like Mangastream.

This is the only officially licensed anime streaming website on this list. However, unlike and the other websites on this list, this site has a free and paid version.

The free version will show you two ads per episode, which are unskippable. Therefore, to make things more convenient, you can opt for the premium version. It has no ads and costs only $7.99 per month (or $79.99 for an entire year).

Free Anime Is Always A Blessing  

Anime is one of the greatest sources of entertainment Japan has gifted to this world. Therefore, since you can watch anime online for free from, the world is in a better place.Here, you can watch all the latest (and even the oldest) anime for free, with a few ads shown here and there. Compared to its rival websites, I visit this the most.

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