Dark Truths That Make Megatron The Best Transformers Villain


The Transformers have become one of history’s best media and action-figure franchises. With many live-action movies, comics, animated series, and millions of action figures sold, everyone knows what these vehicle-shifting robots are.

However, two characters are known even by non-fans of the series – the leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime, and the villain – the leader of the Decepticons – Megatron.

However, most people following the Micheal Bay series have much to know about this big baddie. Therefore, read this post till the end to learn interesting facts about him.

Dark Truths About Megatron

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Here are some interesting (and some dark) facts and truths you might not know about Megatron Transformers.

1. Megatron Is Millions Of Years Old

How old do you think Megatron is? While it’s true that cybertronians (Transformers) have been alive for more than a millennium, their actual ages are unknown.

However, the Transformers cartoons and comics have shed further light on this. It has been stated that he is around 4 million years old!

In one iteration of the comics, he crash-landed on Earth millions of years ago before the dawn of humanity and has remained dormant since. In another iteration, he never crash-landed on Earth. Instead, he scoured through galaxies for millions of years, looking for the AllSpark, finally finding it on Earth.

But how tall is Megatron? It’s revealed that he is 20 feet and 11 inches tall!

2. He Was A Gladiator

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Just like humanity in earlier civilizations, the civilization of Cybertron was based on a caste system. Here, the rulers and nobles were the high class, leading the finest quality of life. However, on the bottom of the barrel were the lower caste members, who were forced to participate in gladiator battles.

However, did you know that Transformers Megatron (and even Optimus Prime) were lowly gladiators millions of years ago?

He was initially referred to as D-16, who toiled in the mines of Kaon and was forced to participate in gladiator battles. This is where he toughened his steel, becoming a prized fighter later on, slowly becoming the leader of the Decepticons.

3. He Was A Mentor To Orion Pax (Optimus Prime)

One famous cliche in various comics and anime storylines is a budding rivalry between friends. We have all seen famous on-screen feuds like Naruto and Sasuke, Goku and Vegeta, Midoriya and Bakugo, and more, making these stories an emotional roller coaster.

But did you know that the same has also been applied to Transformers? Believe it or not, Megatron and Optimus Prime (previously known as Orion Pax) were best friends! In fact, the former was stronger than Optimus, even mentoring him to become stronger!

Since both Megatron and Orion were from the lower caste of gladiator robots, destined to battle till they were scrapped, they both struck a friendship to rise through the ranks of the Cybertronian caste system. Who would have thought they would become bitter enemies and the leader of Decepticons and Autobots?

4. He Conquered Cybertron

In the Transformers cartoons, comics, and the Micheal Bay movies, we learn that Cybertron has been conquered by Decepticons. The Autobots are a rag-tag group of resistance fighters trying to reclaim Cybertron and bring peace back.

What does the Decepticon rule over Cybertron mean? It only means one thing – Megatron conquered Ctbertyron, overcoming all the opposition that stood in his way. This feat alone makes him one of the most powerful Transformers, feared due to his ruthless tactics.

5. He Worked For Cobra

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Spinoff crossovers between media franchises aren’t uncommon. From Gintama featuring a parody crossover in every episode to the famous Justice League Avengers (JLA ) crossover, they are all something fans look forward to with excitement. In the same vein, Marvel united two notable action figure collections every 90s kid collected – Transformers and GI Joe.

There have been two iterations of this so far. In the first one (published by Marvel), Megatron was transformed into a tank by Cobra Commander. Later, when Devil’s Due Publishing continued the storyline, the US Army used Megatron’s processors to create Serpentor, a ruthless android.

6. He Was Once A Gun Used For Robberies!

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This is one of the more exciting facts about Megatron that even some of the most die-hard Transformers fans don’t know about. Did you know that he transformed himself into a gun, which Joey Slick used to commit bank robberies?

Yes, you heard that right! Not only can Megatron transform himself into a four-wheeler or an aircraft, but he can also transform himself into a gun! In the comics, to survive a fall from the peak of Savage Land, he transformed into a gun to sustain less damage.

However, the damage permanently got him stuck in this form. However, years later, a gangster called Joey Slick (also known as Sharpshooter) found his (as a gun). From being the leader of the Decepticons, he soon became a gun used for robberies! Such is the fall from grace!

7. He Once Swapped Minds With Bumblebee 

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Bumblebee is one of the most loved Transformers. But did you know that Beast Wars Megatron once controlled his mind?

In the 2010 Transformers animated series, Optimus Prime suffers from a Cyber plague. To cure him, Bumblebee captured this ancient baddie and entered his mind to find a cure.

However, Megatron soon reversed the situation, taking control of Bumblebee’s body. Soon, fought Ratchet and stole Dark Energon from the Autobots. Soon, Bumblebee reclaimed his body before any more destruction could be caused.

8. An Explosion Made Him Merge With Ratchet  

Ratchet is another famous Transformer that fans adore a lot. However, everyone was left heartbroken when he died as a martyr while detonating a bomb to kill Megatron.

However, the consequences were catastrophic – not only is Megatron alive, but he has merged with Ratchet to survive the blast! It was revealed that Megatron tried to escape during the blast using a trans-dimensional portal. However, Ratchet tried to stop him at the last moment.

But nobody knew that the energy of the blast and the portal would combine, merging both of them in the process. The chimera that was born of this was a super powerful but mindless Transformer. However, Optimus Prime decided to separate them, saving them both in the process – a decision he regretted greatly in the future.

9. He Was Reborn As Galvatron

We all love seeing the heroes and villains training hard and acquiring a level-up transformation. Remember how we all screamed excitedly when Goku became a super-saiyan for the first time?

Megatron also went through a similar process, albeit a bit differently. In the last battle with Optimus Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), he is defeated for good.

However, in the sequel Transformer: Age of Extinction (2014), his head was preserved by KSI Industries, who created an even deadlier Galvatron. A similar story was also shown in the comics and cartoons as well.

10. Megatron Murdered Micheal Bay

Megatron truly is one of the most evil Transformers of all time. He was vile enough to kill movie director Micheal Bay!

That’s right! After Megatron was unearthed and resurrected from the Antarctic (like Captain America), he got into rampage mode in the streets of Washington before Optimus Prime finally stopped him.

However, amidst all that chaos, we see him flicking a random passerby (in a blue shirt) to death in one scene before calling us humans, “Disgusting!

Unfortunately, the poor man who was at the wrong place at the wrong time was none other than Micheal Bay!


Megatron is as cruel and ruthless as he looks. While being almost four million years old, he is the only one powerful enough to challenge (and, in a few iterations – kill) Optimus Prime. He is a monster whom only Optimus is powerful enough to defeat (and sometimes betrayed by Starscream).

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