Sawgrass SG500: User Reviews, Price, And Features

Sawgrass SG500

If you’re looking for a sublimation printer in 2023, then there is a lot in the market right now. Therefore, to get the best sublimation printer to print awesome designs on your favorite t-shirt, I recommend the Sawgrass SG500.

Sawgrass is already a well-renowned brand when it comes to buying printers, especially sublimation printers. All these printers make use of high-quality ink that makes high-quality prints possible. To learn more about this printer, keep on reading this post.

Sawgrass SG500 Specifications

The primary specifications of the Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer are:

Resolution4880 x 1200 DPI
Output Capacity100 Sheets
Maximum Printable Size8.5” x 14”
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet
ComtabarabilityDesktops, Laptops, Smartphones

Sawgrass SG500 Features

Sawgrass SG500 Features

The primary features of the Sawgrass SG500 that make it one of the best sublimation printers are:

1. Multiple Functions, All Bundled In One

Multiple Functions

When it comes to being a sublimation printer, the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 provides great value for all the functions it provides. Users are able to print on various surfaces. This is one of the best sublimation printers for t-shirts.

Apart from printing on t-shirts, there are many other things you use this printer to print on. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Paper
  • Mugs
  • Pens
  • Phone Covers

2. Polyester Fabric Printing

Polyester Fabric Printing

When it comes to sublimation printers, most of them in the market do not provide any support for a few printing types. This includes printing on polyester fabric. Here, this sublimation printer can print anything that you want on surfaces of polyester fabric objects like curtains.

3. High-Resolution Prints

High-Resolution Prints

All prints made by this sublimation printer can have a maximum resolution of 4880 x 1200 dpi. Therefore, every image that you get printed on various types of surfaces will all be of pretty high quality. Therefore, your family pictures and graphic artwork will all be printed to the highest quality, no matter the surface type. 

4. Backward Compatibility

One of the best features of the Sawgrass SG500 is its support for backward compatibility. This sublimation printer was preceded by the Sawgrass SG400. Therefore, you can use various parts and systems of that printer in this one as well. This is a good feature since it provides an extra backup in case your current printer suddenly gets damaged. 

5. Premium Access To Sawgrass CreativeStudio

Sawgrass CreativeStudio

Sawgrass CreativeStudio is one of the best places to get temples for various designs. Similar to the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can get access to various premium templates and designs made by other artists. Overall, the best thing is that they are hand-curated in a way to ensure that you can print them. Buying the Sawgrass Printer SG500 allows you three months of free access to CreativeStudio.

6. Sawgrass Print Manager Expert Color Management Software (SPM)

Sawgrass Print Manager Expert

When you connect your printer to a computer, you can install the SPM (Sawgrass Print Management) software in it. This software makes printing easier since it provides control over a large color gamut. In addition, it also streamlines the printing process and makes your workflow better. 

Sawgrass SG500 Reviews: What Customers Have To Say

To get a clearer view of the capabilities of the Sawgrass SG500, I had a look at some of its customer reviews on Amazon.

Here’s a 5-star positive review by Tricia Ross:

“I love my SG 500. It was easy to set up and use straight from unpacking! The print quality is as expected, and the support from Sawgrass is outstanding!”

Here’s a 1-star negative review by Patty Lee:

“Purchasing this printer has to be, by far to date, the worst experience I have ever experienced through Amazon. I thought I had done my homework. I trusted Amazon, and I trusted a deceptive seller would not be tolerated. I looked at all the avenues to decide if this was the printer I wanted for the sublimation printing business. I even endured hours of boring ads regarding this printer. One word describes my experiences. Lies! Misleading, deceptive, cunning, etc., etc. by the time I discovered all these issues. Bam! I purchased this sawgrass 500. Trust me, everything about this purchase is designed to drain your pocketbook. The ink is over $300…can’t use inks designed to replace the expensive version. A software upgrade renders those ink incompatible. The printer won’t recognize these once installing the software required to operate this printer is. The required print manager software automatically installs the upgrade before realizing there will be an issue in doing so. The list of complaints goes on and on. I financed my purchase, and it’s useless. The ink that comes with the machine is half full, to begin with as well. The deceptive description is laced with lies. What a nightmare. Buyer beware!”

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Many people have voiced their queries on the internet regarding Sawgrass SG500. The answers to some of their queries are as follows.

Q1. What Size Paper Can You Use With Sawgrass SG500?

You can use papers that have a size of 8.5” x 14” or 22 cm x 36cm. These pa0aer4s are the maximum size that you can use in Sawgrass printers.

Q2. Is Epson Or Sawgrass Better For Sublimation?

When it comes to being a sublimation printer, Sawgrass printers are simply better. This is because they are designed from their conception to be one. On the other hand, you need to use third-party ink to convert  Epson printers into sublimation printers.

Q3. How Long Do Sawgrass SG500 Inks Last?

All printer inks have a predetermined shelf life. If you don’t use the ink within this period, it will start becoming discolored and dry up as well. On average, Sawgrass inks last for almost 2 years.

Final Verdict: Is The Sawgrass SG500 Worth It In 2023?

In my opinion (and in the opinion) of customers, the Sawgrass SG500 is an amazing sublimation printer. It produces high-quality prints with great clarity, owing to its high resolution (4880 x 1200 DPI). This is also due to its use of Sublijet UHD Ink. 

However, compared to other printers, the print size is smaller. Therefore, objects with larger surface areas can prove challenging for you. 

High-resolution printing. Durable and sturdy, built for longevity.Waterproof.Easy to maintain and clean. It uses Sublijet UHD Ink, which is pretty affordable.Lacks extra accessibility options like a touch sensor. The print size is smaller than other sublimation printers. 

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