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What Is Snifffr

Sniffing a used panty might be a fetish for many males of society. While it is true that it is a derogatory act, it is however done by many people globally. No one can stop your sexual fantasies, and nobody will even know if you do such actions in your room, away from prying eyes.

If you want an excellent whiff from a used panty, or you want to sell your used panties to these sniffers, the Snifffr is the perfect website for you. You can buy and sell used panties here, doing it 100% legally with no strings attached.

Read on to learn more about how you can make money on Snifffr selling your used panties to interested clients and know what they say about this website based on their sniffing experience.

What Is Snifffr?

Snifffr.com is an online website dedicated to buying and selling used panties. Sniffing is an act where men often sniff women’s used panties for sexual arousal. While it may sound dirty and disgusting for many people, you cannot comment on the sexual kinks of people and criticize what turns them on.

Launched in the early years of the 2010s, this website soon gained notoriety and fame for legally allowing adult women to sell their panties to other adult men. Men also can communicate with the women whose used panties they want to buy.

As a seller, you have to post pictures of yourself (the sexier it is, the better chances you have) on your profile on the website. Then, if a guy has his eyes on you, he might try to contact you on the website. After communicating with each other, you can strike a deal, and a bargain can be made – getting paid for selling your used underwear.

Can You Make Money Using Snifffr?

Yes, women can make money on Snifffr by simply selling their used panties. Many beautiful women have made a living out of selling used underwear on Snifffr.

The returns on investment are pretty high since you can buy panties for cheap and sell them for higher prices on Snifffr. Now that’s what we call a dirty business.

There are a lot of horny men in every corner of the world, with many of them eagerly waiting for a sniff of used panties to get their hormones all riled up and get their blood pumping.

How To Buy/Sell Your Used Panties On Snifffr?

If you are interested in selling your used panties on Snifffr, you will be surprised how many males might be interested in buying your used panties, helping you make a fortune.

To start selling your used panties on Snifffr, or if you are interested in buying used panties, then follow the steps explained below:

1. Create An Account

The first thing that you need to do is create an account on Snifffr. When you enter the website, you will have the option to complete your profile. You start by entering a username (for maintaining anonymity – vital for such lewd websites), a password, and an email ID.

After that, you enter your age and gender to register yourself as a member of Snifffr finally. Finally, you can use your username to verify your Snifffr login ID. 

2. Chat With Members

After you create your account, you can start chatting with other members on the website. While as a female, you have limited options here, as a male, you can run wild like bulls on parade. However, chatting is only available if you are a premium user of Snifffr.

Check out profiles of beautiful girls, and if you are interested in one, send them a chat request and start talking with them! There are no fixed prices for panties on Snifffr. You will; have to strike up a conversation with potential buyers and negotiate prices. 

3. Buy/Sell Used Panties

After you have a text conversation with someone, you can then go live on camera to have a video chat with them. If you are interested in sniffing the woman’s panties, or you are comfortable selling your panties to the man, then you can initiate a trade there.

You simply have to register your bank account with the website (don’t worry, it’s 100% legal and safe). Then, when initiating a trade, buyers simply have to transfer the money from their account to the other. After it is confirmed, the seller will need to personally ship the item to the location prescribed by the buyer. 

What Else Can You Sell On Snifffr?

Other than used panties, you can also buy and sell other undergarments on Snifffr. Men and women have a lot of kinks that turn them on. Therefore, while primarily being a website for selling used panties, Snifffr can also be used to strike up other kinky trade deals to fulfill your sexual fetishes.

You can buy and sell other used undergarments on Snifffr like used socks and knickers. 

Snifffr Reviews By Users

The main advantages and disadvantages of using Snifffr according to its user reviews are:


After using the Snifffr website for the greater good, we have found some great advantages that you should know about, like:


Snifffr is known for its dedication to keeping the identity of its users safe and anonymous. This is highly necessary for women, who risk being identified and stalked by creepy perverts at any time. Therefore, a dedication towards maintaining the anonymity of users is incredibly commendable. 

Rating System

There is a rating system for both buyers and sellers on this website. Upon having a conversation and striking up a deal, the buyer can rate the seller and vice versa. This system helps weed out toxic individuals and scammers on the Snifffr app.


After using the Snifffr website, we have found a few issues, which can be a hassle for you. These issues are:

No Payment Processing

Unlike many other websites where you can buy and sell products, there are no payment processing options on Snifffr. This means that users must process all transactions between buyers and sellers between themselves.

It means users must make the payment and verify it. Therefore, a dedicated transaction gateway will help the website deal with scammers in a better way. 

Many Creepy Freeloaders

Most of the males who are on this website pose as potential buyers. However, they will not buy anything and will simply try to flirt with the girl in hopes of getting laid.

These creeps will often badmouth the girl if she ends up asking whether they actually want to buy her used undergarments or not, often giving bad reviews about her. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Much Does Snifffr Cost?

It’s completely free to use. However, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the online chat and video chat functionalities.

Q2. How Do I Know My Seller Is Legit In Snifffr?

There is a fake check tick mark beside the name of users. If they have it, they are not fake.

Q3. Is My Email Address And Name Kept Anonymous On Snifffr?

Yes. All your personal information is kept anonymous on Snifffr.

Q4. Can Men Sell On Snifffr?

Yes, men can sell their used underwear too.


Snifffr is one of the best websites for selling used panties, knickers, and socks for a great price. This site is 100% legit, with actual hundreds of active people at all times looking forward to buying used panties and undergarments. All you need to do is create an account and start buying and selling used and dirty undergarments to quench the fetishes of horny people (especially men).

While the website respects your privacy and allows users to rate sellers and buyers to verify them, there have been many cases of scamming and online harassment faced by many women on this site.

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