Google Pixel 7 – Everything You Need To Know Before The Launch

There is nothing more exciting than exploring the world of smartphones. Smartphones are the main source of entertainment for us. In every industry, there is some brand frick you will find who are mad at their loved brands, and here we go for pixel 7. 

Google probably has nothing more to explore as smartphone users are quite satisfied with the pixel series. Google is too innovative to stay within a particular standard, and its main focus is to upgrade its previous standard. 

2021 was the year of amazing experiences for Google users. Well, it’s harsh to say that for Google because there are probably few left in this world who do not consider Google. So, it will be appropriate to say ‘Google smartphone users. 

However, apart from Snapdragon, these users have already experienced something new and fast in exploring the world of Google Tensor chips. Google is now going to let us use their second version of the Tensor chip in the upcoming Google Pixel 7. 

Specifications And Features

The release of pixel 6 and 6 Pro was quick recently, and thus it becomes hard to predict its successor. In addition, phone companies like Google are so advanced in the competitive market that they are probably going to release the successor Google Pixel 7 this year.

Let’s find out the key features and possibilities of pixel 7 so far. 

1. Design

When we talk about aesthetics, we think about Apple, which loves to be unchanged in its aesthetic design for a few generations. Google is not different since it has left its plastic vibe after pixel 5. 

The design of the new pixel 6 was quite impressive for the fans, and it has also introduced a separate camera house with a horizontal bar. Pixel 7 range is not focusing on any major change to its predecessor, but from the surprise image drop, we can say that it is going to be quite cool for the audience. 

They have also initiated a thinner camera house, making the phone look slicker than pixel 6 and 6. 

2. Display

If you are a connoisseur, you will likely go for a good display and understand things more than others. Considering pixel 6 with a 6.4inches AMOLED display and pixel 6 pros with a 6.71 LTPO AMOLED display, we can assume that pixel 7 is going to give us something like this or more. 

While the new phone rumors can seem impactful for you. The size of the display for pixel 7 can be down to 6.2inches. On the other hand, pixel 7 pro can remain the same or jump to 6.8inches at best. Both will support HDR10+ for sure, and your new pixel 7 might get the same 90Hz refresh rate as pixel 6. 

In addition, the pixel 7 pro will get a 120Hz refresh rate with a 1440 x 3120p display. Well, pixel 7 rumors suggest that it might get a 1080 x 2400p display while using the same Samsung panel.

3. Cameras

In terms of cameras, Google is going to maintain its trademark camera home, which is very different from any other brand. Pixel 7 will keep two cameras in the back, while its pro version will go for a triple camera setup. 

There are rumors that pixel has already delivered two patents on using under-display selfie cameras, but we hope that might come with google pixel 8. Well, we need to mention that there are various rumors to go through which are not true. 

For instance, google pixel mini was never there in the concept, but rumors were there. This might indicate that google pixel 8 also might not get the in-display camera. 

However, the new pixel will use the main camera sensor Samsung GN1 and Sony IMX381 as the ultrawide sensor. Like 6 pro on the front, pixel 7 might get a 4K resolution video recording feature with a 3J1 selfie sensor, and that is a big deal for those who are waiting for this model. 

News And Rumors about Pixel 7

Apart from specification updates, this part is going to be very exciting for you guys. If you are excited to know tremendous news about pixel 7 and want to nurture your eagerness, see what we have. 

  • The Pixel 7 series may come with four variants. Yes! You heard it right. There may be two variants in each segment for the normal and pro series. 
  • A hint of a tweet from Google may suggest that they are going to reveal things about pixel 7 in September.
  • If you are excited about the release date, know that October can be the month for you to wait. 
  • If you are looking further, the google pixel 8 might come with the tensor chip version 3. 
  • The leak also suggests that pixel 7 is not going to change its rear camera from last year. 

Price And Availability of Pixel 7

Coming to the major concern part for you, price is going to be a very significant issue for the pixel. As we are not sure about the price of pixel 7, we can somehow assume it by complying with the previous series. 

You will get Google pixel 6 at $599 and 6 pro at $899. This price is quite low when you compare it with the Samsung s22, which is $200 more than the pixel 6. So, we can expect that their premium flagships will try to grab the market by not increasing the price by more than $699. 

Who is not excited about the Pixel 7 release date! 

Well, we have already leaked the rumor above, but to be specific in terms of release date, we can expect it to launch in the market on October 13, 2022. Yes, we are on the verge of excitement and don’t try to control it.

What Do We Want To See?

Apart from the news and rumors and excitement of being a needy customer, we want to see some major changes in these areas. 

1. Brighter Display  for Pixel 7

We love to think, and the lack of rumors cannot control our hopes. We can easily create our wish list depending on the budget that we are going to spend so far. 

Google had confused many pixel users with dim displays on pixel 6 and 6 pro. We want to use our phones on a brighter day outside our house, and in those cases, it’s better to go with a bright display. 

2. Better Battery for Pixel 7

Google Pixel 6 has a 4,614 mAh battery, and that is a good move from the company to give that volume to the battery. But, with 5G connectivity, the battery consumption is way higher than expected. 

This time we will expect some software improvement from pixel 7 so that the battery consumption problem goes down.

3. A Better Fingerprint Scanner for Pixel 7

The under-display fingerprint scanner in google pixel 6 and 6 pro was the major concern for the users. They have complained about the slow processing of the fingerprint scanner. 

This time we don’t want to compromise with this simple yet important feature of the phone. There are various phones available in the market with good fingerprint scanners. So, we expect Google to improve this part. 

Wait For The New Flagship.

Many of us will think of buying a new phone immediately instead of waiting for pixel 7. It will not be wise because if you want to grab some premium quality with uniqueness in your phone, pixel 7 is going to be in your hand. Though, you can also look for some other brands who are involving much effort in their upcoming phones

Let’s not forget that you are going to pay a lot of money while you are considering a premium phone, and thus try to be choosy with the Google Pixel 7.

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