What’s The Biggest Challenge For Most Businesses When Going Online?

what's the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?

Option 1: Planning a budget

Option 2: Defining a customer base 

Option 3: Developing a plan 

Option 4: Optimising a website 

If you are here, it means you are looking for the answer to “what’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?” Well, all of the options are challenges that a business faces when going online. However, when it comes to choosing the biggest one, option 3: Developing a plan is going to be the most important one. 

In 2022, any business plan needs to have a strong online component. With search engines and social media platforms becoming second nature to human beings, every business needs to have a substantial digital presence. This is why if you are a brand looking to create and run with a solid, workable, and high ROI generating plan, you need to go for digital marketing services by Digitech Web Design

Most businesses have reported that developing a plan is a tough part when transferring their business online. However, you need to know in detail why this is the biggest challenge. So, here is the explanation given below that will help you to know more. 

Innovation will be necessary for the business setting, which includes their digital presence. In the example of Savannah Legal, they cited that people searching for family lawyers are looking at online reviews to find their best options. The same goes with the other companies out there, businesses must find their way to be visibly available online to be able to get more clients.


Now that you know the right answer to “what’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online? You must be wondering why it is the right answer among all the other ones. Go through this explanation to know the details about why this is the correct answer. When going online, businesses face a lot of issues in the initial stages. However, the biggest challenge is developing a proper plan. 

Most businesses do not know what to focus on when going online. The online business structure is far different from offline. This is why marketers struggle to make a good plan.  Some of the common places they start focusing on include social media marketing, search engine marketing, and SEO. 

If a business wants to be successful, then they need to make a plan of business before moving on to online platforms. While creating the proper plan, you will need to keep some of the things on your head, such as budget, resources, industry, demand, and others. After the plan is ready, you can start looking for a channel. 

This explanation might have helped you to know why developing a plan is the right answer to“what’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?” Let’s find out some other challenges in brief. 

What Are The Other Challenges Most Businesses Faces When Going Online? 

You already know that developing a plan is the biggest challenge when businesses go online. However, there are some other challenges available that you need to know about as well. Here are some of the other very common challenges given below. 

1. Lack Of Good Staffs 

One of the most common challenges a business faces after moving online is the lack of highly qualified employees. Having good staff is very good for every company. On the other hand, a lack of good and qualified employees can make a company get bad results. To create online visibility and increase brand awareness, you will need to have staff with high technical skills who know how to work on different platforms and provide well-designed, attractive work. 

2. Security 

You already know “what’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online,” but this one is also a very serious challenge that most businesses face. While you do not worry much about security in offline business, online business is completely different. 

It is easier to get hacked or attacked online if you are not careful. You have to make sure that your business and all the confidential data are safe. If you do not have the right security measures, then you will not be able to win customers’ trust. 

3. Competitors 

While offline world competitors are limited to your locality, you will be going toe to toe with international competitors in the online market. New competitors are joining the market every day with new marketing strategies, products, and others. You might need to come up with a good strategy to be ahead of these competitors. Before moving to the online world, you need to know which competitors are available and their strategies. 

4. Payment Process 

Along with the business, you have to also move the payment process online. Now, when you are creating an online payment process, you have to make sure that the process is reliable and trustworthy. 

Compared to offline modes, users and customers tend to rely lower on online payment processes. You have a variety of options available to choose from. Make sure that all the different options are available for customers. So, they can pay using whatever gateway and card they want. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What Are The Challenges Of Doing Business Online?

When you are starting an online business, you have to be prepared for all the challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges given below.

• Attracting customers
• Identity verification
• Policies and rules
• Customer loyalty
• Data security
• Shipping products

Q2. What Are The Issues In Internet Selling?

You will face multiple issues during internet selling. Some of them are given below the details.

• Issues with cybersecurity
• Shopping cart abandoned
• Identify verification
• Refund and return policy
• Omnichannel experience
• Maintaining customer loyalty

Q3. What Are The Biggest Business Challenges?

Some of the biggest business challenges include:

• Globalization
• Diversity
• Innovation
• Government regulations and policies
• Too much information
• Complexity
• Technology

Q4. What Are The Challenges Of Using The Internet?

Although using the internet is the best way to increase and grow business. There are many issues and challenges in every step of the process that you need to prepare for. Some of the common challenges you will face include rules and regulations, privacy, development, maintaining standards, and others.


“What’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?” is one of the most common questions of both Google Garage Certification and Google Digital Unlocked. If you are searching for the right answer, then you can go through this article.

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