How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram 2022?

How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram

All of us by now know how popular Instagram is as a social media platform. It is highly important to keep in the lives of others, especially celebrities and influencers. It is a platform where you can easily boost millions of followers in a few months.

And depending on your number o followers, your experience on the platform depends. With millions of followers, you can easily spend hours with the app without even getting bored.

Whenever you post something on Instagram, it will show in your follower’s feed. With their likes and comments, you can reach more and more people, and this is how you get more followers.

Why Wanna Know Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram?

Why Wanna Know Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram

Before, when the “Privacy policy” was just a concept, here on Instagram, you could actually track the activities of your following and followers. Through that feature, you could easily check who your boyfriend just followed and liked. And also, the chronology of the followers and followings were also checked.

But then Instagram found out about our “snooping around” and removed that feature to make the stalking more difficult for us. But is that the end of that? I don’t think so. There are ways through which you can still check your recent followers on Instagram.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get on with the article.

How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram 2022

How To See When Someone Recently Followed On Instagram

Since the activity tab here on Instagram got removed, it is harder to track someone’s Instagram activity but not impossible.

There are two possible ways to achieve what you are looking for. One of which is free and the other one is paid.

So let’s look at each of the options, starting with the paid version.

Snoopreport: Check Anyone’s Instagram Activity(Paid)

Check Anyone’s Instagram Activity

If you want to snoop on someone’s activity on Instagram, and is willing to pay for it, then Snoopreport is the one for you.

Follow these steps to know how Snoopreport works.

  • Click on “Get Started” on the homepage.
  • Put in your email id and your password, and then agree to their term and conditions.
  • Next, you need to sign-up for Snoopreport, which will take you directly to their dashboard.
  • Nextly, click on “Add Account” on top, then you have to subscribe to a Snoopreport plan. There are plans that start from under $5 monthly. But they might depend upon the number of Instagram accounts you wanna track.
  • Lastly, click on “Add Profile.” Adding the username of the profile, you wanna track.

Once you are done, you will be getting weekly reports and the recent followings and other data of that account.

Check Someone’s Instagram Following(Free)

Check Someone’s Instagram Following

It is possible that most of you won’t be that motivated to pay even $5 to snoop on someone. So here is a free option for your convenience.

Though there is no surety that this free web version is going to show the following list chronology. But hey! It is free, so there is no harm in trying. Even if the app doesn’t show who followed you recently, it is possible that the web version shows you.

Follow these steps to know how the web version works.

  • Open on your web browser.
  • Now log on to your account on Instagram.
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the extreme top right, Then select the “Desktop Site” option.
  • Search the profile of the person you wanna look into. Click on the follower’s option.
  • There you can see the chronology from the newest to the oldest followers.

Does Instagram Show You Who Someone Recently Followed?

Does Instagram Show You Who Someone Recently Followed

Well, the short answer is No. Instagram is very strict with its privacy policy and doesn’t show you if someone recently followed anyone. If you want to view someone’s follow list, it will only show you the followers without any chronology.

On the following list, the names are based on who knows the person most. Not only does it not show the chronology. Instagram doesn’t show the time and date of the following as, well.  This makes viewing someone’s recent follows very difficult.

Can People See When You Look At Their Instagram?

Can People See When You Look At Their Instagram

Have you ever imagined that when you snoop around someone’s Instagram profile, scrolling through the photos, they can see you or not? I mean, it is “bad” to be stalking someone online, but to get called out by them is worse.

Good news! Instagram doesn’t have the feature to let people know you are looking at their photos. But it doesn’t apply to videos, reels, or stories. For videos and reels, the views are counted. But for Instagram stories, you can actually see who has viewed your stories.

How To See Your Instagram Followings Chronology? 

How To See Your Instagram Followings Chronology

Know that you know that Instagram doesn’t allow you to view the chronology of someone else’s following list. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see your following list chronology. 

To know how to view your following list chronology, follow the steps.

  • Open the app and log into your account.
  • Click on your profile icon in the bottom right. 
  • Click on the following icon to see the list. 
  • Now tap on the “sort icon,” which will show three options.
  • Now select the option “Data Followed: Latest.”
  • Finally, your following list will be arranged chronologically. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you know how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram 2022, are all your queries answered? If not, here are a few questions that people ask.

1. How Do You See Who They Recently Followed On Instagram 2022? 

To see who they recently followed on Instagram in 2022, you have to take the help of a third-party app. Through these apps, you can keep track of someone else’s activity on Instagram. 

2. Does Instagram Show Followers In Order?

The accounts that you mutually follow on Instagram are shown at the top of the list as the most relevant. 

3. How Is Someone’s Following List Ordered On Instagram?

Even though the Instagram followers and following list look like chaos, they actually have an order. If you have less than 200 followers, then the list is in alphabetical order, by their actual name and not username. The profiles with no name are listed on the top. 

Wrapping Up!

So now that you know how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram 2022, you can put this knowledge to good use. If not for snooping, maybe something else.

I hope this guided information helped you with your query and gave you a solution. If you have any other questions, be sure to comment down below, I will surely get to you.


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