How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take

Do you know how long does a Walmart background check take?

Walmart and most other American companies will do so to ensure that genuine and authentic people are coming for employment. Firms do so to minimize the potential risks they will face if they hire the wrong people. No company wants to hire people who have previous criminal charges against them and have fake identity papers as well.

Read on to find out more about Walmart background checks.

What Is A Walmart Background Check?

What Is A Walmart Background Check

As the term suggests, a Walmart background check is simply a check conducted by Walmart. The firm conducts these checks when someone applies for employment. 

Just like most other companies in the US, Walmart will ensure that you and your qualification certificates are authentic. Therefore, you must understand how long does a background check take for Walmart.

How Is A Walmart Background Check Conducted?

Walmart will check many of your qualifications during a Walmart background check. The main qualifications that will be checked are:

1. Criminal Records

Criminal Records

Criminal records are one of the first things that Walmart will check if you put in your foot for employment. Here, Walmart will go through your profile in the US registry of criminals. They will actively search for any criminal activities you have done in your past, especially in the last seven years.

Walmart has made its stance clear of not hiring anyone who has previous felony charges against them. They will immediately disqualify people who have committed severe crimes in the past. This includes marking you for various felonies like:

2. Identity Confirmation

Identity Confirmation

If you want a job at Walmart, you must have a proper identity as per the US registry. Therefore, you need to be a US citizen and a legal immigrant to qualify for employment. Walmart will confirm your identity certifications and check their authenticity. If any of the presented information is wrong, you will be disqualified.

Here, Walmart will check for the following:

  • Residential address.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Education (High School, College, etc.).

3. Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offender Registry

Being a registered sex offender as per the US Sex Offender Registry is a surefire way to get disqualified. In addition, Walmart has a strict no-employment rule for previous sex offenders. Walmart took this stance after Walmart faced controversy before for employing previous sex offenders who committed their heinous acts again.

However, it’s to be noted here that your behavior as a sex offender will turn up in your criminal records only if you committed them in the last seven years. Therefore, there is a chance that Walmart will give you employment if you have kept your hands clean for the past seven years.

4. Credit Score

Credit Score

Some federal states in the US have a credit score system for their residing citizens. A credit score is a system that measures the creditworthiness of an individual. This is measured based on the financial standings of a person.

Therefore, if your credit score is too low, it could mean that you cannot handle your own money. This means that you will not be able to use the wages and salaries that Walmart pays in productive ways. Therefore, Walmart views this as a red flag if you apply for an accounting position where money management is essential. Consequently, you might get disqualified immediately if you apply with a low credit score.

5. Education And Employment History

Education And Employment History

Every company wants an employee that is well-educated and has professional etiquette to manage their tasks best. Therefore, Walmart will cross-check all your educational certifications. This includes checking from which high school, college, or university you are from.

Here, Walmart can disqualify you on several grounds. First, you will be immediately disqualified if they find out that you lied about your educational background. Secondly, if they find out that you forged your educational certificates and presented fake ones, you will be immediately disqualified.

How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

If you want to know how long does a Walmart background check take, then the correct answer is anywhere between 5 to 30 days. Depending on the number of applicants they have, it can take a short or long time.

Job Eligibility At Walmart: How To Make Sure You Get Selected

Job Eligibility At Walmart

It’s difficult to understand what are the exact qualifications Walmart job eligibility looks for while employing new recruits. However, I can give you some tips to increase your eligibility rate by a big margin. Don’t forget these tips:

  • Be honest with each question they ask in your interview. Lying will not get you anywhere.
  • Do not be too stressed about failing. Walmart is not the only company in the world that will offer you a job.
  • When asked for qualification certifications, submit the real ones. Do not give fake documents since it’s a serious offense.
  • If you have a gap in employment, don’t fill it with the wrong details. Covid is real, and many were working freelance for a year or was jobless.
  • List everything that you have done so far, including your criminal offenses, if any. You will be blacklisted if they find out about your shady past through a background check.

Understanding Your Hiring Status By Walmart

Understanding Your Hiring Status

If you have applied for employment at Walmart, then you can check your employment status online. There are two ways to do so. They are:

  • Emails: If Walmart has completed your screening or background check, then they will send you an email. Check this email to see if you got hired or not.
  • Associate Background Screening System (ABSS): This association records all employment background checks done by companies in the federal states of the USA. Therefore, you can directly check your qualification status over there.

However, to better understand your hiring status by Walmart, you need to understand the terms that they use. Some of these terms are:

1. Canceled

Sometimes, your application will get canceled based on two grounds. First, you need to provide complete details about yourself. Or your qualifications need to meet the minimum criteria. Secondly, Walmart might cancel it because you have been disqualified on several grounds. However, barring the latter scenario, you can again re-apply your application with complete details a second time. Here, you need to ensure that you know how long does it take for Walmart to get a background check back.

2. Eligible For Hire

If your Walmart hiring status shows “Eligible For Hire,” then congratulations! Walmart selected you and will call you in soon for your orientation. 

3. Review Eligible

There can be times when Walmart might find discrepancies in your qualification certifications. If such a case happens, then Review Eligible will be shown. Here, the HRM of Walmart will call you in to explain these discrepancies at a later date. 

4. More Information Required

If your status shows “More Infirmation Required,” it means that you are eligible for employment at Walmart. However, they still need to run further background checks and get some additional details from you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Many interested candidates have had several questions related to how long does a Walmart background check take. The answers to some of these questions are:

Q1. Will Walmart Call Employees For Orientation?

Ans – Yes, Walmart will call new recruits for a job orientation. This is done to ensure that new employees know their tasks and get accustomed to Walmart’s policies.

Q2. Can A Candidate Dispute The Walmart Background Check?

Ans – Yes, a candidate can dispute the background check conducted by Walmart if they believe they have been unjustly disqualified. However, they simply have to contact Walmart or its third-party recruitment agency again to discuss this matter in detail.

Q3. Why Is My Walmart Background Check Taking So Long?

Ans – There can be various reasons why your Walmart background check is taking so long. Some of the most common reasons are:

• First, there have been a lot of applications in a short period.
• Walmart has found discrepancies in the qualification details that you have provided.
• There have been some internal problems at Walmart.

Your Background Is Okay, Right?

If you wish to know how long does a Walmart background check take, it takes a maximum of one month. It takes a minimum of five to seven days for Walmart to run a background check.

It’s reasonable as to why Walmart takes such a long time to get a background check. They need the best of the best candidates for recruitment in their organization. Therefore, they spend a considerable amount of time running individual background checks.

If you wish to know more, then comment your questions down below. Also, remember to check the other articles here at WorldTech24!


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