Cyber Alert! Data Center Logins Of Large Corporations Compromised

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Cyber security still has a long way to go, as some of the strongest computer networks have become vulnerable, with hackers getting hold of the login credentials of large corporations. These large corporations had their data centers in Asia, which got compromised by hackers. According to a major cybersecurity research firm, this was a great opportunity for spying and sabotage.

Two of the largest Asian data centers (GDS Holdings Ltd., Shanghai, and ST Telemedia Global Data Centres, Singapore) were the ones whose email and passwords came into the hands of hackers. The login credentials of about 2000 customers of these companies got stolen. 

Resecurity also informed that hackers even logged into the accounts of around five of these customers, which included China’s principal foreign exchange and debt trading platform, as well as four other Indian accounts. There were other corporations whose login IDs and passwords got stolen. Some of them include – Inc., Walmart Inc., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., BMW AG, and Huawei Technologies Co.

However, both data centers responded to the claims. They affirmed that although the security systems were breached, these rogue credentials were not risky to the IT system and data of their clients. Nevertheless, Resecurity and four other US-based companies complained of the vulnerability of the security systems and claimed that such a situation could pose serious and unusual dangers to companies.

Michael Henry, the ex-CIO of Digital Realty Trust Inc., expressed his concerns,

This is a nightmare waiting to happen…If they can achieve that, they can potentially disrupt communications and commerce on a massive scale.”

If cyber criminals and hackers get access to the client’s server, there cannot be a worse situation than that. On the other hand, CDS and STT GDC denied those claims and insisted that there was no impact on the core services of the data centers.

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