Top 10 Best Membrane Keyboard For Gaming

Top 10 Best Membrane Keyboard For Gaming

As a gamer, getting a pretty tactile keyboard with amazing RGB lighting effects seems like a must. Even if you are not a pro gamer, you will still spend money on getting the best gaming hardware possible in the hopes of becoming a pro gamer.

However, the price of the best mechanical keyboards might seem a bit too much for most of you. So why not settle for the best membrane keyboard instead?

If you are interested in buying membrane gaming keyboards, read this post to learn about ten.

What Is A Membrane Keyboard?

What Is A Membrane Keyboard

Let me get you up to speed if you are confused between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard. 

Every keyboard key has two parts – the inner switch and the outer button. It presses the inner switch when you press the outer button, and its function happens.

In membrane keyboards, the kets are not separate from the inner keys. They are built together, with only a little gap in between them. Therefore, the best membrane keyboard has pressure pads instead of switches underneath the buttons. You simply need to hit the key lightly to make it work.

Compared to its elder (and fart better) siblings – the mechanical keyboards – these keyboards are way cheaper. In addition, they lack the tactile feel of mechanical keyboards and also make no keypress noise. In addition, they are also far cheaper than their mechanical counterparts.

10 Best Membrane Keyboard For Gaming You Can Buy In 2022

Ten of the best membrane keyboard for gaming that I would recommend you to buy in 2022 are:

1. Razer Ornata Chroma Membrane Keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $49.99

If you want the typing speed and the tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard, you should buy the Razer Ornata Chroma Membrane Keyboard. This RGB membrane keyboard looks amazing and feels even more amazing to use. 

Being the best membrane keyboard, you can create various programmable switch press combinations. Its Chroma RGB mode allows you to sync the RGB lighting to sync with your gameplay. It was an amazing experience playing Valorant as I saw the RGB sync with each bullet fired and each kill.

• Durable up to 80 million clicks.
• Programmable switches.
• Approximately 17 million colors.
• Shorter than average travel time.
• Does not work with Mac computers.

2. Logitech G213 Membrane Keyboard

Logitech G213 Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $34.99

Logitech is synonymous in the gaming community as the manufacturer of some of the best gaming peripherals. Everyone will suggest Logitech products if you ask anyone about which gaming peripherals (keyboards, headphones, mice) to buy. Here, I will recommend the Logitech G213 Membrane keyboard if you want the best membrane keyboard.

This RGB backlit keyboard has amazing tactile feedback to its switches. For comfortability, it also has a palm rest attached to it. If you want it for typing, then this is the best you can get.

• Very minimalistic but perfect RGB backlit keyboard.
• Approximately 17 million colors.
• Ergonomic palm rest.
• Spill-resistant.
• Bigger than most membrane keyboards, taking up lots of desk space.
• Has a pretty complicated driver setup process.

3. Corsair K55 Membrane Keyboard

Corsair K55 Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $74.99

The Corsair K55 Membrane Keyboard is one of the best membrane gaming keyboards. In my opinion, this is by far one of the most durable keyboards I have used. It’s spill-resistant, making water harmless. In addition, it’s also IPV2 weather resistant for added protection. 

For gamers, this keyboard has an 8-key rollover functionality and anti-ghosting for multiple key presses. Plus, it has six customizable function keys on the left, to which gamers can assign additional controls to. 

• Triple zone adjustable RGB lighting8 key rollover feature.
• A detachable palm rest.
• Anti-ghosting feature.
• Water-resistant.
• Lacks various RGB control functions of other membrane keyboards.
• Not as flexible as other split gaming keyboards.
• Bit pricier than most competitors.

4. SteelSeries Apex Pro Membrane Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Pro Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $169.99

If you want the best membrane keyboard to be colorful with many crazy RGB lighting effects, I got you covered. If that sums up what you want, I suggest buying the SteelSeries Apex Pro membrane keyboard.

This keyboard boasts fast magnetic switches for five-times quicker key actuation that make key presses faster and feel more tactile. It has great RGB lighting, with almost 17 million colors and adjustable brightness. In addition, it has a pretty big palm rest. 

• The magnetic palm rest is of premium quality.
• You can customize the key press actuation.
• Controllable RGB lights.
• Pretty pricy.
• Very expensive compared to peers.

5. Microsoft Ergonomic Membrane Keyboard

Microsoft Ergonomic Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $59.99

By having one look at the Microsoft Ergonomic membrane keyboard, you can say that it’s one of the best membrane keyboards. It has a split-keyboard design that makes it look amazing and pretty modern. Its curved keys are made in a way to prevent wrist pains, especially carpal tunnel syndrome.

While it might lack RGB lighting and is not made for gamers, coders should feel right at home with this keyboard. In addition, it has programmable function keys and dedicated media control keys.

• Pretty cool curved ergonomic design.
• Highly durable plastic frame and body.
• Perfect keyboard for coders and writers.
• Lacks RGB lighting.
• No wireless connectivity.
• Not built for gamers.

6. Roccat Magma Membrane Keyboard

Roccat Magma Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $50

If you want the best membrane keyboard under a tight budget, this is definitely one of them. It has a pretty unique RGB lighting system built around three different zones. It has a lighter actuation force, making it pretty good for typists and gamers as well.

In addition to all the above features, it has fully programmable macro button settings for gamers. It also houses a detachable palm rest and dual function and media keys. 

• Pretty tactile key presses.
• Customizable RGB lighting.
• Detachable palm rest.
• Affordable price.
• RGB customizations are limited only to three zones.

7. Razer Cynosa V2 Membrane Keyboard

Razer Cynosa V2 Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $49.99

Alongside Logitech, Razer is also known in the industry for creating some of the best gaming peripherals. The Razer Cynosa V2 is the second Razer keyboard making this list of the best membrane keyboard.

If you are a gamer looking to impress your friends with many customizable RGB keys, this is the keyboard you need to buy. With Razer’s premium Chroma RGB lighting, it can react to every action you make in the game.

In addition, you can match the RGB colors with other Razer Chroma products as well (like Razer mice and headphones). This makes for a truly colorful experience, which can work great if you are a Twitch streamer.

• Dedicated media control buttons.
• Pretty tactile feel.
• Affordable price.
• Quick actuation keys.
• The key presses sometimes were squeaky.
• Lacks a palm rest.
• Attracts a lot of dust.

8. RII RK100 Membrane Keyboard

RII RK100 Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $24.99

If you want the best gaming membrane keyboard at the lowest price, buy the RII RK100 Membrane Keyboard.

It has a pretty minimalist design with its small size. This keyboard has adjustable RGB lighting controls and a rainbow backlight design. It has a braided wire, which ensures that the wires do not snap after months of use.

In addition, it provides a great tactile feel at such an affordable price. This feature alone often rivals entry-level mechanical keyboards and the best Apple keyboard.

• 11 different multimedia keys.
• Adjustable RGB backlight.
• Great tactile feel similar to mechanical keyboards.
• One of the cheapest membrane keyboards.
• Lacks a wrist rest.
• The performance lacks in comparison to other keyboards on this list.
• Does not feel durable or premium.

9. TypeMatrix 2030 Membrane Keyboard

TypeMatrix 2030 Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $99

Now, this is a pretty weird-looking membrane keyboard. If you want to jump back to the 1980s without a time machine, then you can do so with the TypeMatrix 2030 Membrane Keyboard.

While it looks more like a toy keyboard than an actual membrane keyboard, it has special “scissor-switch” keys. These keys feature some of the lowest actuation force required, similar to laptop keyboards.

In my opinion, it has the weirdest key setup, which feels pretty ergonomic. Plus, it is small, able to fit in the smallest tables also. I think it looks and feels pretty good typing emails in the ancient Netaddress.

• Unique retro keyboard design.
• Ergonomic layout of keys.
• Lowest actuation force required for a membrane keyboard.
• Small frame.
• Lacks a ten-key number pad.
• Lacks any customizable RGB lighting features.
• Way too pricy for features provided.

10. Razer Deathstalker Essential Membrane Keyboard

Razer Deathstalker Essential Membrane Keyboard

Image Source

Price: $135.99

If you want ultra-low profile switches in the best membrane keyboard, this is it. The third (and last) Razer keyboard on this list, the Razer Deathstalker Essential Membrane Keyboard, has one of the most badass names. No wonder it’s pretty popular amongst gamers!

One of the most impressive features of this keyboard is its dedicated gaming mode, where the windows key gets locked. Here, it provides enhanced RGB lightning patterns and super smooth 2mm key actuation. This makes the keyboard feel tactile and fun for gamers and typists.

• Adjustable RGB Lighting controls.
• Very low actuation point (2mm).
• 1000 Hz key polling.
• Does not feel too durable.
• Pretty expensive.
• Lacks RGB lighting effects compared to other membrane keyboards.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)?

Gamers constantly ask questions related to the best membrane keyboard. The answers to some of them are as follows:

Q1. Are Membrane Keyboards Good For Gaming?

Ans – Yes, membrane keyboards are good for gaming. They are durable enough to withstand long gaming sessions. In addition, the keys have this tactile feel to them, which is exactly what gamers want.

Q2. Are Membrane Keyboards Better Than Mechanical Keyboards?

Ans – No, membrane keyboards are not better than mechanical ones and will never be in the future.
Nothing can match the tactile feel and sturdy durability of mechanical keyboards. Plus, membrane keyboards lack the “clicky” sound of pressing keys on a mechanical keyboard, which is pretty satisfying to everyone.

Q3. Can You Replace The Switches Of Membrane Keyboards?

Ans – No, you cannot replace the switches and keycaps of even the best membrane keyboard. Compared to mechanical keyboards with removable switches, you cannot detach membrane keyboard switches. Therefore, if a keycap gets damaged, you might have to buy a new keyboard.

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Best Membrane Keyboard

The best membrane keyboard is definitely a cheaper alternative to buying the best mechanical keyboards. If you want quality performance on a budget, then definitely get any of these membrane keyboards. 

All of the keyboards on this list have great tactile feedback to each keypress and great RGB lighting modes. For gaming, they are pretty great, especially the Razer Deathstalker Essential membrane Keyboard. For coders, the Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard is the best buy. 

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