Analytics Can Help Optimise Your Website For Which Of The Following?

Analytics Can Help Optimise Your Website For Which Of The Following

Option 1: For different devices, navigation & search 

Option 2: For email templates & social media profiles 

Option 3: For different devices & social media profiles 

Option 4: For navigation, video & seach campaigns 

The correct answer of “analytics can help optimise your website for which of the following?” is Option 1: For different devices, navigation & search. You might be wondering why this one is the correct answer among all the other options. Don’t worry; we will help you know why it is the right answer with the help of an explanation. 


As mentioned above, knowing the right answer to “analytics can help optimise your website for which of the following?” is not enough. You will need to go through the explanation to find out more. In addition, analytics can assist you in optimizing different devices such as mobile, computer, tablet, and others. 

Apart from that, it also helps optimize the navigation, which will help you know which posts and pages are getting more traffic. But, this is not all; analytics can also help optimize the search queries to help you know which keywords are helping to bring traffic to your website. However, analytics is unable to help you with email templates or social media profiles. 

Want to find out more about analytics to find out how it works? Here are some of the things that will help you to know it in detail. 

Different Ways To Optimize Your Website With Analytics

Now that you know the answer to “analytics can help optimise your website for which of the following?” You need to know what other benefits it provides. Here are some of the most crucial and common ones given below in detail. 

1. Identify The Best Content 

In article marketing, analytics can help to discover which articles are influencing the audiences. Knowing which content is performing well and which one needs improvement will help you create the best content for your website. Analytics makes it much easier; you will just need to check the web pages, conversion, tests, and others. 

2. Bounce Rate 

Bounce rate is one of the most important things about your website. Therefore, it is crucial to know the statistics to optimize the website accordingly. For example, if most of the users are leaving your website just after visiting one page, then it is a problem. However, with the help of analytics, you will be able to learn your bounce rate and fix it by compressing images, deleting unused JavaScript, and others. 

3. Measure The Behaviour Flow 

If you want to grow your websites, it is very important to know how your customers react. Therefore, youYou need to find out what paths the visitors are taking after entering your website. You might know some ways to get numeric stats to find out the details. However, analytics provide a graphic representation to help you pinpoint the routes that your visitors are taking on the website. 

You will be able to find which pages they like the most and which are the ones that they saw the last. So, you can easily measure which content they like and which ones they do not. It helps to grow your website and improve based on those stats. 

4. Measure The Traffic 

The most important thing that everyone wants from their website is traffic. You need to follow how the traffic is coming and the type of them as well. Learning things like whether it is organic traffic or paid traffic helps a lot to improve the website. Analytics allow you to monitor the traffic and source of the traffic of your website. You can also monitor your ad campaigns, such as custom ad campaigns or Google Ad campaigns.

This is one of the necessary steps that will help you to know how customers are interacting with the campaign ads. You will need to tweak your ad campaign once in a while to make it effective. Not only that, but it will help to optimize the investments. So, you will get better results from your ad campaigns.

5. Analyze Potential New Markets  

“Another great way to use Google Analytics is to discover potential markets for your products and services.”

“If your business operates on a global level or if you are thinking of going international, you can view the number of visitors and conversion rates separately between countries in order to decide where to focus your efforts and which regions are worth expanding into.”

6. Use The Proper Attribution Model  

“The attribution is very easy to overlook or dismiss, but it is very important to have as much information as you can about the most effective channels of conversions.”

Google Analytics uses the “Last Interaction” attribution model. If you want to improve your website, try changing it to “First Interaction” and use it to better understand how each channel contributes to your conversion results.”

7. Study The Behavior Flow  

“Behavior Flow is an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to understanding what paths your website visitors take when they are navigating around your site.”

“Instead of giving you simple numerical statistics, this report shows you graphic representations of the routes your visitors take through your website. This way, you can easily see which pages they interact with most, or which page was the last one they saw before abandoning your website.”

“Google Analytics includes a variety of different metrics, some of which are dependent on each other. Sometimes, an infographic that goes viral can increase your bounce rate, or getting positioned in first place for a competitive keyword can decrease the number of pages per session.”

“It also shows current trends and trends over time, which will give you a better understanding of what people are searching for, what keywords are trending, and whether people are searching for these topics often or whether something was briefly trending.”

9. Discover The Best Sources Of Traffic  

“This is basic but indispensable. You need to know whether organic traffic or paid traffic is bringing you better results and, within each of them, which sources are the most profitable.”

“You can also monitor your campaigns such as Google Ad campaigns or custom campaigns to see what results they are yielding and also how people are interacting with the ads.”

10. Study The User Flow  

“Like Behavior Flow, User Flow is another essential metric for your website. Although these two might sound very similar, they actually show you different things. User Flow shows you the volume of traffic coming to your site from different sources.”

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What is Analytics optimization?

When you are linking Analytics and Optimize together, optimize calculate a result with the help of traffic in the display. Optimize can easily access the data and goals of analytics. Also, the customers of Optimize 360 can target experiments to the customers of Analytics.

Q2. How can analytics help optimize your website?

Analytics help you to understand the traffic of your website. You will be able to know where the traffic is coming from and which specific pages customers are visiting. All of this information is very important that helps you to keep informed about the progress and improve your offline and online marketing campaign.

Q3. When using Analytics on your website What do we mean by the term conversion?

The conversion term is used on the total number of visits converted. It means customers who have visited and made a purchase or completed their goals.

Q4. What are the possible ways to optimize the website?

There are plenty of ways available to optimize a website. Here are some of the most popular and effective ones.

• Speed up all the pages
• Analyze all the data of your website
• Optimize both off-page and on-page SEO
• Increase the speed of the pages
• Create value-rich and long content


This article will help you to get the answer of “analytics can help optimise your website for which of the following?” Not only this, but you will also be able to learn about the explanation about why this is the correct answer in detail. Apart from that, there are other ways to help you know how analytics can optimize your website. 

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