Top 10 3 Point Slinger For Camera In 2023

Camera Slinger

If you are a photographer, you already know the importance of having a 3 point slinger for camera. It is one of the essential accessories for a camera. It does not just keep your camera safe from a drop, but you can also carry your camera around you easily.

If you are looking for the best 3 point slinger for your camera, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have provided the ten best 3 point slingers that are available both online and in local camera shops. Based on the type of camera, features, budget, and personal choice, you can choose the one that is best for you.

What Is A 3 Point Slinger For Camera? Why Is It Important?

3 Point Slinger

A 3 point slinger for camera is an essential requirement for any photographer. Basically, a 3 point slinger has three different points of contact which helps the photographer in keeping his camera secure when he is on the go.

Generally, a camera comes with only one strap, which is usually attached to the camera through only one point. However, it is not fully secure and does not guarantee full safety. Furthermore, it is also quite uncomfortable for the photographer to hang it on the shoulder. Therefore, a 3 point slinger for camera comes with an extra strap on the underarm and gives extra comfort and support to the shoulder. This further gives more stability to the camera.

Things You Need To Consider While Purchasing A 3 Point Slinger For Camera?

There are a few things that you need to consider before you buy a 3-point camera slinger:

The Camera


The type of camera you use is really important. If your camera is heavy, you will need a bigger 3 point slinger, while a lightweight camera will be okay with a small slinger.

The points of attachment

You will have to make sure that your camera has got enough points of attachment to support a 3 point slinger. Although with most cameras, you can connect your strap in at least two ways.

Safety and Security

This is the most important factor that you must look for in a camera sling. The 3 point slinger should be attached to the camera strongly so that it gets almost impossible for the slinger to loosen from the camera.

The comfort factors

comfort factors

A simple neck strap for the camera is not comfortable at all, as it pains the shoulder sometimes later, especially if the camera is heavy. Furthermore, your 3 point slinger for camera should also contain a padded and wide shoulder strap.



You need to make sure that your slinger is adaptable with different cameras as well. Suppose you change your camera. Then your 3 point slinger should be able to carry that camera without any problem.

The 10 Best 3 Point Slingers For Camera That You Can Buy In 2023

In this article, we have considered all the factors that are given above for 3-point slingers and came up with the best 2023 options. Apart from that, we have also considered the budget and design with respect to each 3 point slinger for camera, and have come up with the best option that a photographer can have.

The following are the top 10 3 point camera slingers that you can buy in 2023:

1. Ocim


Although a bit expensive, the Ocim slinger strap is great when it comes to safety and security.


  • Wide and thickened shoulder pad for comfort.
  • Safety tether to provide stability to the strap.
  • Metal clip along with a backup lock.
  • Compatible with ¼ inch tripod stud screw.

2. PiuQ


You can attach the strap to the base of the camera. Only a single point of connection makes it number 2.


  • Compatible with most cameras.
  • The strap is padded with air mesh for comfort.
  • Better control with cross-body sling shooting.
  • Underarm strap for stability.

3. Altura


One of the most interesting features here is that you get a zipped pocket on the shoulder strap. It is useful for keeping batteries.


  • The neoprene pad makes it lightweight.
  • Metal fastener on the strap for safety.
  • No need to remove the plate from the camera.
  • Compatible with all cameras.

4. Waka


This camera comes with a storage pocket, which is big enough for storing batteries, cloth, and memory cards. However, the price is a bit higher.


  • Underarm strap for stability.
  • Lockers on either side of the sling strap to stop the swaying camera.
  • The strap is highly adjustable.

5. Foto&Tech


The strap is strong and has a high rating when it comes to holding the camera’s weight.


  • Anti-slip pad made of rubber.
  • Backup safety tether to stop the fall.
  • Soft and thick pad designed for comfort.



It comes with a multicolor option, which can make you look different since most camera straps look the same.


  • Neoprene pad for better comfort.
  • Evenly distribution of weight.
  • Safety strap and underarm holster.
  • Metal screw-in plate for stability.

7. BlackRapid Original

BlackRapid Original

Although good in terms of material quality and performance, quite expensive in comparison to other options.


  • High-quality materials
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Padded shoulder strap for better comfort.
  • Bumpers to provide stability to the camera.



The best thing about this strap is that it comes with an extra case that will enable you to protect your camera.


  • Material: premium microfiber leather.
  • Highly adjustable length.
  • Arca Swiss-type plate for quick release.
  • Safety string.

9. Cotton Carrier Skout G2

Cotton Carrier Skout G2

With the help of this 3 point slinger, you can strap your camera on your hips as well as on your chest.


  • Allows the camera to be close to the body.
  • Provides high stability.
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed.

10. BlackRapid Hybrid


You can actually attach two different cameras with the same strap and still get full comfort and security.


  • Cross-body strap to hold two cameras.
  • Adjustable up to 63 inches.
  • Bumper locks for camera safety.
  • Comfortable strap.

Final Thought

These aforementioned 3 point slinger for camera are the best that you can find in 2023. However, if you have already chosen your favorite one as per your needs, make sure you read the detailed features and reviews yourself. By doing so, you can ensure that your investment is good enough. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the 3 point slinger that you are buying supports the weight of your camera. Thereby, you can ensure the safety of your camera and also feel comfortable while you are carrying it.

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